Monday, May 18, 2015

Sadie McKee (1934)

In 1934, Franchot stars with Joan Crawford, Gene Raymond, and Edward Arnold in the romantic drama Sadie McKee. Sadie (Joan Crawford) has known Michael (Franchot Tone) her entire life. Sadie's mother works as a cook and servant for Michael's wealthy family on their estate.  Sadie and Michael grew up as playmates and reminisce about the mischief they created together. Michael is clearly attracted to Sadie, but loses her friendship when he convinces his father to dismiss Sadie's beau Tommy (played by Gene Raymond) from their company.

Sadie compromises her virtue and follows Tommy to New York, where he promises to marry her. When Tommy skips out on Sadie for an entertainment career, Sadie becomes a dancer and attracts the attention of the kind and wealthy drunk, Brennan (Edward Arnold). Michael happens to be Brennan's lawyer and friend, and is angered by this union of convenience.

Michael soon realizes that Sadie has good intentions and strives to fix their severed friendship.

Joan and Franchot's chemistry is palpable in every scene.Will Sadie reunite with her first love Tommy, take a chance with childhood friend Michael, or stay true to the loveable millionaire Brennan? Watch Sadie McKee to find out!

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