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The Wiser Sex, 1932.
Scan from my collection.

The Wiser Sex-1932
Margaret (Claudette Colbert) is desperate to free her lover (Melvyn Douglas) after he is wrongfully accused of murder.
Today We Live, 1933.
Scan from my collection.
Today We Live-1933
Ann (Joan Crawford) is engaged to Claude (Robert Young) as she sees him off to war, but falls for Richard (Gary Cooper) while Claude’s away. Franchot Tone is Ann’s brother and Claude’s friend.

Gabriel Over the White House-1933
President Judson Hammond (Walter Huston) changes after he’s in a car accident. The once passive politician begins trying to achieve world peace through a dictatorship. Franchot Tone is Secretary Hartley Beekman and a key member of the president’s circle.
Midnight Mary, 1933. Scan from my collection.
Midnight Mary-1933
Mary (Loretta Young) is on trial for murder. Through flashbacks, the viewer sees how Mary lived an unfortunate life and turned to a gangster (Ricardo Cortez) for a life of comfort before falling in love with attorney Tom (Franchot Tone).

The Stranger's Return, 1933.
Scan from my collection.
The Stranger's Return-1933
Divorcee Louise (Miriam Hopkins) visits her grandfather (Lionel Barrymore) and discovers a love for the family farm. Guy (Franchot Tone) is an educated farmer who lives next door and falls for Louise.

Stage Mother-1933
Shirley (Maureen O’Sullivan) was born to a mother (Alice Brady) who controls every aspect of her life and who pushes her into an entertainment career. When Shirley falls in love with artist Warren Foster (Franchot Tone), the meddling mother will stop at nothing to regain control.

Actress Lola Burns (Jean Harlow) wants freedom from her sneaky publicist Space Hanlon (Lee Tracy) and her greedy father (Frank Morgan). When she meets the refined Gifford Middleton (Franchot Tone), Lola thinks that her life is finally getting on the right track…but Hanlon has one more trick up his sleeve!

Dancing Lady-1933
Janie (Joan Crawford) rises from nightclub dancer to Broadway musical star, but is torn between two men: wealthy Tod (Franchot Tone) and director Patch (Clark Gable).

Moulin Rouge-1934
When she marries composer Douglas Hall (Franchot Tone), Helen (Constance Bennett) agrees to abandon her singing career. In order to perform, Helen masquerades as French singer Raquel and fools her husband...for a while.

Sadie McKee-1934
A cook's daughter, Sadie McKee (Joan Crawford) runs off with her sweetheart Tommy (Gene Raymond). When things go awry, Sadie marries for money, much to the frustration of her childhood friend Michael (Franchot Tone).

The World Moves On-1934
Mary Warburton (Madeleine Carroll) and Richard Girard (Franchot Tone) fall in love in 1914, just as their ancestors did in 1825 .

The Girl from Missouri, 1934.
Scan from my collection.
The Girl From Missouri-1934
Chorus girl Eadie (Jean Harlow) sets her sights on millionaire Thomas Randall Paige (Lionel Barrymore) until his son Thomas Randall Paige, Jr. (Franchot Tone) comes on the scene.

Straight is the Way, 1934. Scan from my collection.
Straight is the Way-1934
Benny (Franchot Tone) struggles to follow a straight path once he is released from prison. He's torn between a new girlfriend (Karen Morley) and an old flame (Gladys George and easily influenced by former gangster friends.

Gentlemen are Born, 1934. Scan from my collection.
Gentlemen are Born-1934
Recently graduated from college, four men (including Bob, played by Franchot Tone) struggle to enter the workforce and find their path in the world.

The Lives of a Bengal Lancer, 1935.
Scan from my collection.
The Lives of a Bengal Lancer-1935
Three British soldiers (Gary Cooper, Franchot Tone, and Richard Cromwell) with varying experience must protect British India from invaders as they explore their own commitment to courage.

One New York Night, 1935.
Scan from my collection.
One New York Night-1935
A naive rancher (Franchot Tone) checks into a New York hotel seeking a wife, but ends up uncovering a murder.

Entertainer Mona Leslie (Jean Harlow) must choose between the troubled millionaire (Franchot Tone) and her agent (William Powell) when it comes to romance.

No More Ladies-1935
A new wife (Joan Crawford) must deal with her husband's roving eye and inability to be true.

Mutiny on the Bounty, 1935.
Scan from my collection.
Mutiny on the Bounty-1935
A crew must face trial after they form a mutiny against their abusive captain (Charles Laughton).

Dangerous, 1935. Scan from my collection.
An amorous fan (Franchot Tone) attempts to rehabilitate an alcoholic actress (Bette Davis) who has hit rock bottom.

Exclusive Story-1936
When gangsters take control of a neighborhood and create fear among its citizens, newspapermen (Franchot Tone and Stuart Erwin) set out to expose their crimes.

The Unguarded Hour, 1936.
Scan from my collection.
The Unguarded Hour-1936
Sir Alan Dearden (Franchot Tone) is a respected barrister deeply in love with this wife Helen (Loretta Young). When Helen is threatened with blackmail, she gets mixed up in a sensational crime.

The King Steps Out, 1936.
Scan from my collection.
The King Steps Out-1936
Emperor Josef (Franchot Tone) is set to marry the oldest daughter of the Duke of Bavaria, but falls for the unconventional younger daughter Cissy (Grace Moore).

Suzy, 1936. Scan from
my collection.
After her newlywed husband Terry (Franchot Tone) is shot and believed to be dead, Suzy (Jean Harlow) works as a chorus girl and marries soldier Andre (Cary Grant).

The Gorgeous Hussy-1936
Peggy (Joan Crawford) is an innkeeper's daughter who quickly moves up the political ladder as many politicians fall in love with her.

Love on the Run-1936
Two reporters (Clark Gable, Franchot Tone) chase a runaway bride (Joan Crawford) across Europe and uncover a much bigger story in the process.

Quality Street, 1937. Scan from my collection.
Quality Street-1937
When her beau (Franchot Tone) fails to propose marriage before the war, Phoebe (Katharine Hepburn) poses as her niece when he returns.

They Gave Him a Gun, 1937. Scan from my collection.

They Gave Him a Gun-1937
Jimmy (Franchot Tone) takes violence too far after he is drafted, learns to shoot, and wins an honor for it. When he returns to civilian life, his wife Rose (Gladys George) and friend Fred (Spencer Tracy) worry about his future.

Between Two Women, 1937. Scan from my collection.

Between Two Women-1937
Dr. Meighan (Franchot Tone) is a respected young doctor who is torn between a kind nurse (Maureen O'Sullivan) and a rich patient (Virginia Bruce).

The Bride Wore Red, 1937. Scan from my collection.
The Bride Wore Red-1937
A bar singer (Joan Crawford) is given a new name and clothes and sent to a resort to see if she can woo a wealthy man (Robert Young), but the local postman (Franchot Tone) uncovers her secret.

When Alan (Walter Pidgeon) marries Elizabeth (Rosalind Russell), Mimi (Myrna Loy) is determined to break them up despite the advice her friend Jimmy (Franchot Tone) provides.

Love is a Headache-1938
When actress Carlotta Lee (Gladys George) adopts two children after a series of professional flops, columnist Pete (Franchot Tone) sets out to expose the adoption as a publicity stunt.

Three Comrades-1938
Three soldiers (Franchot Tone, Robert Young, and Robert Taylor) navigate love and loss following World War I in Germany.

Three Loves Has Nancy, 1938. Scan from my collection.
Three Loves Has Nancy-1938
A country bumpkin (Janet Gaynor) travels to the big city to look for her missing bridegroom and ends up with a writer (Robert Montgomery) and his publicist (Franchot Tone) fighting for her affection.

The Girl Downstairs-1938
A playboy (Franchot Tone) poses as a chauffeur to sneak into his girlfriend's house without her father's knowledge, but a scullery maid (Franciska Gaal) gets in the way.

Fast and Furious, 1939. Scan from my collection.
Fast and Furious-1939
Book dealers by day and sleuths by night, Joel (Franchot Tone) and Garda (Ann Sothern) get involved in a murder case at a beauty pageant.

Trail of the Vigilantes, 1940. Scan from my collection.
Trail of the Vigilantes-1940
Reporter Tim Mason (Franchot Tone) disguises himself as a cowboy to expose Mark Dawson (Warren William) as a criminal in this comedy-western.

Nice Girl?, 1941. Scan from my collection.
Nice Girl?-1941
Teenager Jane (Deanna Durbin) falls in love with an older man (Franchot Tone) when her high school boyfriend (Robert Stack) fails to give her attention.

She Knew All the Answers, 1941. Scan from my collection.
She Knew All the Answers-1941
Chorus girl Gloria Winters (Joan Bennett) poses as a secretary to win the favor of her fiance's benefactor Mark Willows (Franchot Tone).

This Woman is Mine-1941
A singer (Carol Bruce) stows away on a ship and captures the hearts of the men aboard on a dangerous trading mission.

Star Spangled Rhythm-1942
Pop Webster (Victor Moore) puts together a last-minute variety show starring big names from Hollywood including Franchot Tone, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Fred MacMurray and more.

The Wife Takes a Flyer-1942
An escaped pilot (Franchot Tone) hides out with Anita Woverman (Joan Bennett) and her family to escape the Nazis.

Five Graves to Cairo, 1943. Scan from my collection.
Five Graves to Cairo-1943
British corporal John Bramble (Franchot Tone) is the sole survivor of a battle and must find a way to share a German secret with the allies.

Pilot No. 5-1943
The life story of George Collins (Franchot Tone) is told through flashbacks as he takes on a daring flight mission.

His Butler's Sister, 1943. Scan from my collection.
His Butler's Sister-1943
In order to further her musical career, Ann Carter (Deanna Durbin) poses as a maid in the home of Broadway writer Charles Gerard (Franchot Tone).

True To Life-1943
Writers (Franchot Tone and Dick Powell) secretly use a real kooky American family as fodder for their hit radio show.
Phantom Lady, 1944. Scan from my collection.
Phantom Lady-1944
With the help of suspicious Jack Marlow (Franchot Tone), Carol Richman (Ella Raines) sets out to prove her boss's innocence in a murder case.

The Hour Before the Dawn, 1944. Scan from my collection.

The Hour Before the Dawn-1944
An English pacifist (Franchot Tone) unknowingly falls in love with a Nazi spy (Veronica Lake) during World War II.

Dark Waters, 1944. Scan from my collection.
Dark Waters-1944
A survivor of a tragedy with post-traumatic stress, Leslie Calvin (Merle Oberon) travels to a plantation to recuperate with her mysterious long-lost family.

That Night with You, 1945. Scan from my collection.
That Night with You-1945
A young singer (Susanna Foster) poses as the daughter of a Broadway producer (Franchot Tone) in order to jumpstart her career.

Because of Him, 1946. Scan from my collection.
Because of Him-1946
A waitress (Deanna Durbin) with an obsession for actor John Sheridan (Charles Laughton) ends up falling for the writer (Franchot Tone) of his new play.

Lost Honeymoon, 1947. Scan from my collection.
Lost Honeymoon-1947
Bachelor John Grey (Franchot Tone) suffers from amnesia and cannot remember if he was once a husband and father during the war.

Honeymoon, 1947. Scan from my collection.
US Embassy Consul David Flanner (Franchot Tone) attempts to help two young adults get married in Mexico City and gets wrapped up in all of their problems.

Her Husband's Affairs, 1947. Scan from my collection.
Her Husband's Affairs-1947
Bill (Franchot Tone) is more focused on his crazy inventions than on romancing his new bride (Lucille Ball).

I Love Trouble-1948
Detective Stuart Bailey (Franchot Tone) investigates a missing persons case that leads to a much bigger crime.

Every Girl Should Be Married-1948
Anabel Sims (Betsy Drake) will stop at nothing to get married and uses wealthy Roger Sanford (Franchot Tone) in her plot to lure Dr. Brown (Cary Grant) down the aisle.

District Attorney Howard Malloy (Franchot Tone) investigates a crime organization after a columnist is murdered.

Without Honor-1949
A married woman (Laraine Day) stabs her lover (Franchot Tone) after he ends their affair.

The Man on the Eiffel Tower-1949
A killer (Franchot Tone) is on the loose in Paris and a seasoned detective (Charles Laughton) is after him.
Here Comes the Groom, 1951. Scan from my collection.
Here Comes the Groom-1951
Correspondent Pete Garvey (Bing Crosby) returns to America when he learns his fiance(Jane Wyman) is engaged to another man (Franchot Tone).

Uncle Vanya, 1957. Scan from my collection.
Uncle Vanya-1957
A country doctor (Franchot Tone) travels to a professor's home to treat his medical condition but is met with estate issues and romantic entanglements.

Advise & Consent-1962
The Senate must approve or reject the appointment of controversial Robert A. Leffingwell (Henry Fonda) after the ailing President (Franchot Tone) nominates him.

La Bonne Soupe-1964
A woman (Marie Bell) shares her past romantic experiences with a casino worker.

In Harm's Way-1965
The lives of navy men based in Hawaii during the first year of World War I are examined.

Mickey One-1965
A stand-up comic in hiding (Warren Beatty) lives in perpetual fear of being discovered by the mafia.

Nobody Runs Forever-1968 
A policeman (Rod Taylor) and High Commissioner (Christopher Plummer) become involved in dangerous negotiations in Australia.

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