Note: As I write about these performances on this blog, I will provide a link to that specific blog post on this page so that you can easily access it.

The Wiser Sex-1932
Today We Live-1933
Gabriel Over the White House-1933
Midnight Mary-1933
The Stranger's Return-1933
Stage Mother-1933
Dancing Lady-1933
Moulin Rouge-1934
Sadie McKee-1934
The World Moves On-1934
The Girl From Missouri-1934
Straight is the Way-1934
Gentlemen are Born-1934
The Lives of a Bengal Lancer-1935
One New York Night-1935
No More Ladies-1935
Mutiny on the Bounty-1935
Exclusive Story-1936
The Unguarded Hour-1936
The King Steps Out-1936
The Gorgeous Hussy-1936
Love on the Run-1936
Quality Street-1937
They Gave Him a Gun-1937
Between Two Women-1937
The Bride Wore Red-1937
Love is a Headache-1938
Three Comrades-1938
Three Loves Has Nancy-1938
The Girl Downstairs-1938
Fast and Furious-1939

Trail of the Vigilantes-1940
Nice Girl?-1941
She Knew All the Answers-1941
This Woman is Mine-1941
Star Spangled Rhythm-1942
The Wife Takes a Flyer-1942
Five Graves to Cairo-1943
Pilot No. 5-1943
His Butler's Sister-1943
True To Life-1943
Phantom Lady-1944
The Hour Before the Dawn-1944
Dark Waters-1944
That Night with You-1945
Because of Him-1946
Lost Honeymoon-1947
Her Husband's Affairs-1947
I Love Trouble-1948
Every Girl Should Be Married-1948
Without Honor-1949
The Man on the Eiffel Tower-1949

Here Comes the Groom-1951
Uncle Vanya-1957

In Harm's Way-1965
Mickey One-1965
Nobody Runs Forever-1968

The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse, Episode: Murder at the Stork Club-1950
Lux Video Theatre, Episode: Goodnight, Please-1950
Danger, Episode: The Great Filson Bequest-1951
Starlight Theatre, Episode: Lunch at Disalvo's-1951
Lights Out, Episode: Blood Relation-1952
Suspense, Episodes: All Hallow's Eve-1952 and Black Bronze-1950
Hollywood Opening Night, Episode: Legal Affair-1953
The Revlon Mirror Theater, Episode: One Summer's Rain-1953
The Philip Morris Playhouse, Episode: Temptation-1953
The Elgin Hour, Episode: Days of Grace-1955
The Ford Television Theatre, Episode: Too Old for Dolls-1955
The Best of Broadway, Episode: The Guardsman-1955
Four Star Playhouse, Episode: Award-1955
Robert Montgomery Presents, Episode: Man Lost-1955
Playwrights '56, Episode: The Sound and the Fury-1955
General Electric Theater, Episode: Steinmetz-1956
The United States Steel Hour, Episodes: The Fifth Wheel (1954); Red Gulch (1955); Survival (1956)
The Little Foxes-1956
The Kaiser Aluminum Hour, Episode: Throw Me A Rope-1957
The Alcoa Hour, Episodes: Even the Weariest River (1956); Night (1957)
Climax!, Episodes: The Gioconda Smile (1954); Silent Decision (1955); The Largest City in Captivity (1957)
Studio One in Hollywood, Episodes: Walk the Dark Streets (1950); Twelve Angry Men (1954); Bend in the Road (1957); Trial by Slander (1958); Ticket to Tahiti (1958)
Bitter Heritage-1958
Armchair Theatre, Episode: Time of Your Life-1958
Pursuit, Episode: The Last Night in August-1958
Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse, Episode: The Crazy Hunter-1958
Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Episode: The Impossible Dream-1959
The DuPont Show of the Month, Episode: Body and Soul-1959
Witchcraft, Episode: The Doll in Brambles-unknown
Goodyear Theatre, Episode: The Ticket-1960
Playhouse 90, 6 Episodes-1956-1960
Bonanza, Episode: Denver McKee-1960
Twilight Zone, Episode: The Silence-1961
Wagon Train, Episode: The Malachi Hobart Story-1962
The Eleventh Hour, Episode: Along About Late in the Afternoon-1962
The DuPont Show of the Week, Episodes: The Betrayal (1962); Jeremy Rabbitt-The Secret Avenger (1964)
See How They Run-1964
The Reporter, Episode: The Man Behind the Man-1964
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Episode: Final Performance-1965
The Virginian, Episode: Old Cowboy-1965
Ben Casey (27 Episodes)-1966
Run for Your Life, Episode: Tell It Like It Is-1967
Shadow Over Elveron-1968

*this list is not yet complete*
The Belt, October 19, 1927 - November 1927
Centuries, November 29, 1927 - January 1928
The International, January 12, 1928 - February 1928
The Age of Innocence, November 27, 1928 - May 1929
Uncle Vanya, May 24, 1929 - May 1929
Cross Roads, November 11, 1929 - December 1929
Red Rust, December 17, 1929 - February 1930

Hotel Universe, April 14, 1930 - June 1930
Pagan Lady, October 20, 1930 - March 1931
Green Grow the Lilacs, January 26, 1931 - March 21, 1931
The House of Connelly, September 28, 1931 - December 1931
1931, December 10, 1931 - December 1931
Night Over Taos, March 09, 1932 - March 1932
A Thousand Summers, May 24, 1932 - July 1932
Success Story, September 26, 1932 - January 1933
The Gentle People, January 05, 1939 - May 1939

The Fifth Column, March 06, 1940 - May 18, 1940
Hope for the Best, February 07, 1945 - May 19, 1945

Oh, Men! Oh, Women! December 17, 1953 - November 13, 1954
The Time of Your Life, January 19, 1955 - January 30, 1955
A Moon for the Misbegotten, May 02, 1957 - June 29, 1957

Mandingo, May 22, 1961 - May 27, 1961
Strange Interlude, March 11, 1963 - June 29, 1963
Bicycle Ride to Nevada, September 24, 1963 - September 24, 1963
The Dirty Old Man, May 4, 1964 - May 17, 1964
Beyond Desire, October 10. 1967-October 15, 1967

Sources: Internet Movie Database and Internet Broadway Database

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