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Hi! Glad you stumbled across my blog in your quest for information on Franchot Tone. I created this blog after yearning for more online resources devoted to Franchot. I'm constantly searching the Internet, film sites, and DVD shops for more on him, so I figure why not share my findings here?  My goal is to post several times a week. My posts will typically be brief movie summaries with screen captures, quotes, photos, facts, and links to other great resources. I am not an expert, but I am a devoted fan with a background in published research so I intend for this blog to be as accurate and well-researched  (and fun!) as possible.

I make an effort to include sources for all the information I post. If you share anything you find here, I only ask that you do the same and include this blog as a source. If you feel I've posted something in error, please contact me and I will be happy to remove/fix the content. I do participate in classic film blogathons if I can relate the theme to Franchot and his films. Blogathons I've participated in and/or am participating in now include:

A little about me...I have been a fan of classic films my entire life. I enjoy reading classic film stars' biographies and autobiographies and, of course, watching films made between 1920 and 1970.

I have been watching films that featured Franchot Tone as a secondary character for years. I had seen all of the films in which he costarred with Jean Harlow, but didn't truly notice him because I was so focused on the platinum blonde at the time. The same goes for his films with Joan. I couldn't see the Tone for the Crawford! It was not until I was ill and requiring extended bed rest four years ago that I truly saw Tone's talent. Stuck in bed, I began to seek out films and film stars with which I was not very familiar. It was the 1938 comedy Three Loves Has Nancy that cemented my adoration for Franchot. He simply stole every single scene! I watched the film twice back to back on Turner Classic Movie's TCM app and then stayed up the rest of the night reading up on Franchot on any website I could find. I realized that little clueless me had been watching Franchot my whole life and never realized it! I immediately watched The Unguarded Hour and Fast and Furious and was thoroughly impressed and excited by Franchot's performances. Since then, I have watched and continue to watch any and all of Franchot's work that I can get my hands on. At the moment, my favorite Franchot films are Midnight Mary, The Unguarded Hour, Dancing Lady, His Butler's Sister, Honeymoon, Fast and Furious, Three Loves Has Nancy, and Uncle Vanya.

I am frustrated by the researchers who imply that Franchot was a minor actor riding on the fame of his marriage to Joan and was only in pictures because she got him there. I think Joan and Franchot loved each other very much, but had different attitudes on their careers and fame (and earned their fame independently.)

Franchot worked as an actor from the time he was in college until his death in 1968 and took his craft seriously. He was an extremely gifted actor in his own right, but continues to be under-appreciated to this day.

If you have any questions about this blog or just want to chat about classic films, please feel free to leave a comment. I'm also on letterboxd.


  1. It's so amazing, so emotionally touching... this little accurate nest of memories about one of the most underrated actors ever...I follow! Compliments from Italy :-)

    1. I am deeply moved by and grateful for your comment. Thank you for reading this blog and taking the time to leave a comment. I am so glad you enjoy it! Much appreciation, Emily