Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Candid Apology

To any faithful readers out there in the world, I apologize that this blog has not been regularly updated this summer. Due to personal/professional scheduling reasons, I did not have the time I so desperately wanted to research Mr. Tone in June and July. Now that August is around the corner, I should be able to return to my previous habit of posting at least once per week and after quite a hiatus, have already signed up to participate in a blogathon (always a fun way to discover classic film enthusiasts and their blogs) this September.

I'm currently working on a post for later this week, but wanted to go ahead and share something today. Enjoy this assortment of clipping candids and check back this weekend for a real post!

Franchot with the Stooges

Backstage on the set of The Gentle People

With Joan

Franchot and Deanna on the set of Nice Girl

Franchot dining with Virginia Bruce
Franchot with Jean Wallace

With Martha Raye

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