Friday, December 4, 2015

Lost Honeymoon (1947)

Lost Honeymoon is a 1947 romantic comedy starring Franchot Tone, Ann Richards, and Tom Conway that has fallen into the public domain. Following World War II, Johnny Grey (Franchot Tone) is confronted by his abandoned English wife Tillie Grey and their two little children. But Johnny doesn't remember ever being married thanks to a case of amnesia and Tillie is not exactly who she says she is. It's a light, cute movie that I recommend to those of you who enjoy Franchot's other light comedies (for example, His Butler's Sister and Nice Girl?).


Lobby card. Source:
The film is available online, but my attempt at screen capturing was not successful due to the film quality. Instead, I'll just embed the film here, so you can watch it for yourself. If the film below doesn't work properly, just use this direct Youtube link:

The interaction that occurs between a wandering Franchot and the police officer at around the 1 hour mark really cracks me up! I always rewind that scene to watch the "kidding pants" part.

This film is also available on DVD, but I'm not sure of the quality on that one.

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