Sunday, October 11, 2015

Franchot marries Joan

On October 11, 1935, Franchot and Joan, although being watched closely by the press, managed to secretly marry in New York. Franchot had been eager to marry Joan for two years. In a 1933 Ottawa Citizen article, Franchot indicated that he would not give up on marrying Joan, that he would propose forever. 
In 1934, Joan, recently divorced from Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., explained that she wouldn't marry Franchot, because "marriage just won't work in this business".
Sadly, Joan was eventually right, but there is no denying that these two were madly in love at the start and deeply respectful of each other after the end (check back later this week for more on their relationship after the divorce).

By fun coincidence, October 11th also happens to be my wedding anniversary, so Joan and Franchot's union is easy to remember!

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"What? Joan Won't Wed?" Ottawa Citizen. April 9, 1934.

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