Friday, June 5, 2015

Actress Jean Wallace

Franchot married the lovely blonde actress Jean Wallace in October 1941. Born Jean Walasek in Chicago, Jean was barely eighteen years old and beginning to get her feet wet in Hollywood when she married Franchot. During their marriage, Jean and Franchot produced two sons and, according to newspaper reports at the time, appeared to have an idyllic homelife in the early days. At the end of and for a short time after their marriage, Jean seemed to struggle with her career, depression, and suicide attempts. Although they were at odds and there were infidelity accusations on both sides, Jean and Franchot costarred in Jigsaw and The Man on the Eiffel Tower in 1949. They would divorce and a heated custody battle over their two children would follow in 1950.

She was married to actor and director Cornel Wilde from 1951 to 1980. Cornel featured his wife in many films and her career gained some momentum again in the 1950s. She died on Valentine's Day in 1990.

Read her IMDb profile, the Glamour Girls of the Silver Screen site's timeline of her life, her NYT obituary, Find A Grave information, and view pictures of her on Google Images.

You can watch Franchot and Jean's films Jigsaw and The Man on the Eiffel Tower online at the Internet Archive.

Photo Source: Wiki Commons

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