Thursday, April 30, 2015

His Butler's Sister (1943)

In 1943, Franchot Tone costarred with songstress Deanna Durbin and Pat O'Brien for the Universal picture, His Butler's Sister.

His Butler's Sister is a romantic comedy with many musical moments provided by Deanna Durbin. Franchot is Charles Gerard, a famous composer, traveling by train to his home in New York City. Ann Carter, an aspiring singer from the Midwest, is also traveling by train to NYC to visit her brother, Martin. When Ann finds out Charles Gerard is on the train, she rushes to sing for him...only she serenades the wrong man! 

Ann soon discovers that her brother Martin is butler to (drumroll, please) Mr. Charles Gerard. Ann, now a maid in the house, tries to sing for Charles, but is thwarted by her brother.

Charles falls in love with his sweet, but silly maid. The romantic scenes between Franchot and Deanna are tender and genuine. The film has the perfect combination of humor and romance.

Franchot and Deanna Durbin costarred in two other pictures, Nice Girl? in 1941 and Because of Him in 1946.

The only DVD available at this time is a Region 0 DVD with Portugese subtitles on Amazon. Some of the reviews mention poor audio quality, so please read the Amazon description and reviews carefully before making the decision to purchase.

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